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Trump calls Khashoggi murder 'worst cover-up in history'Trump calls Khashoggi murder 'worst cover-up in history'

The US said it would revoke the visas of Saudi operatives suspected of killing of the journalist.

Two unborn babies' spines repaired in womb in UK surgery firstTwo unborn babies' spines repaired in womb in UK surgery first

A team of 30 surgeons in London operated on the babies weeks before they were born.

Budget 2018: What do young people want the government to spend more on?Budget 2018: What do young people want the government to spend more on?

What do young people want from this year's Budget?

Firms urged to use other routes if no-deal Brexit threatens vital drugsFirms urged to use other routes if no-deal Brexit threatens vital drugs

Freight firms will be urged to use Belgian ports if delays at Calais threaten vital drug shipments.

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BBC news for Buckinghamshire

Autistic man absconded from care unit before his deathAutistic man absconded from care unit before his death

Billie Lord, 26, was hit by a train after absconding from a mental health unit in Milton Keynes, an inquest hears.

Nic Cruwys: Wolves 'shocked' by abhorrent tweetsNic Cruwys: Wolves 'shocked' by abhorrent tweets

Wolverhampton Wanderers said it was working with West Midlands Police to identify the perpetrators.

Hertford man jailed for pulling imitation gun on policeHertford man jailed for pulling imitation gun on police

Sebastian Alcock's original suspended sentence is deemed "unduly lenient" by the Court of Appeal.

Man 'bit off part of paedophile hunter's finger' in StevenageMan 'bit off part of paedophile hunter's finger' in Stevenage

Thomas De-Castle-Lynne bit part of Stephen Little's finger off during a sting, a court hears.

AskTen - Ten things you may not have noticed last week!

  1. Bad week for second-home owners. The Labour Party has said it hopes to raise up to £560m a year from taxes on 174,000 second homes in England. Properties used as holiday homes would see their council tax bill doubled. The levy would not be imposed on properties let out or used for employment. The Guardian
  2. Brexit costing the UK £500m each week. Brexit is already costing the public purse £500m a week, according to new research. The economy is 2.5% smaller than it would have been if UK had voted remain, says the Centre for European Reform. The think tank’s analysis also concludes that the government’s austerity drive would be on the way to completion had Britain voted to stay in the EU. Financial Times
  3. UK workers underpaid by £15.6m. The taxman has discovered that UK workers were underpaid by a record £15.6m in the past year. HMRC found that social care, commercial warehousing and the gig economy were the sectors most likely to underpay staff. Some 200,000 workers missed out on being paid at least the minimum wage rate - the highest number since the statutory rate was introduced in 1999. BBC
  4. People are depending on you to lead. Will you answer the call to guide them? If you’re ready, the first person you’ve got to lead is yourself. No one else can do this for you. Only you can lead yourself to the kind of growth that keeps you energised and helps you achieve your greatest goals. [READ MORE]
  5. Philip Hammond sets next budget on a Monday. The chancellor has arranged the next budget for 29 October - the first time since 1962 that the government has revealed its set-piece tax and spending plans on a Monday. The move comes as Theresa May’s government risks failing to secure a Brexit deal with Brussels and amid uproar and rebellion within its ranks. The date comes before a key Brussels Brexit summit in the middle of November. Office for National Statistics
  6. Salary required for city home up 18%. The average salary required of a first-time buyer to purchase a home in the UK’s biggest cities has risen by 18% in the past three years. This means the requirement is above the rate of earnings growth. Research from the Resolution Foundation think-tank has signalled that one in three millennials were unlikely to own their home. The Guardian
  7. Woman are better drivers than men. DVLA figures show that woman are six times less likely to be disqualified from driving than men, and 23 times less likely to be disqualified for dangerous driving. RAC
  8. Fifa players of year: Marta and Modric. Footballers Luka Modric of Croatia and Brazilian international Marta were given Fifa’s player of the year awards at a ceremony in London last week. Modric has led Real Madrid’s male team to another successful season, while Marta has excelled with US team Orlando Pride. This is the sixth time she has won best female player. The Independent
The bottom line. British consumers’ estimated annual expenditure on hotels and travel as a result of having read online reviews is £14bn. However, one in three reviews on TripAdvisor, a popular travel reviews website, is fake. TripAdvisor receives 50 million visits a month from British users. The Times